Dispersion of Ni nanoparticles into Ti(C,N) colloidal filaments for 3D printing by FFF

We are glad to see the new filaments developed by our colleagues of colloidal processing group. These new development is focus on filaments for FFF of Ti(C,N) and Ni nanoparticles interest as an alternative to cemented carbide W–Co.  Ti(C, N)-Ni filament have been processed by our colloidal route, and they can be sintered to obtain full dense inorganic parts using FFF. (doi:10.1016/j.oceram.2021.100064)


Fabrication of dense inorganic parts using FFF requires the processing of a thermoplastic-based filament with a high content of inorganic particles, highly dispersed and an elevated final density. Titanium carbonitride base cermets are gaining interest as an alternative to cemented carbide W–Co. In this sense Ti(C, N)-based cermet have successfully densified by pressureless and vacuum sintering, demonstrating the suitability of Nickel (Ni) as binder phase. This work propose the preparation of filaments with high solid loadings of Ti(C, N), and the incorporation of Ni as nano-binder (nNi) to facilitate the final cermet sintering. With the control of the colloidal dispersion of Ti(C, N) and nNi, only a 3 ​vol% of nNi is needed to achieve the adequate sintering effect, providing the consolidated cermet structure with metallic conduction. The colloidal approach to FFF enhances the dispersion of the two inorganic phases within the polymer matrix, allowing high solid contents of the colloidal feedstock.

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